Frequently Asked Questions

When does your riding season start and end and what days do you ride?

We usually start riding around the middle of March to the middle of November.  It all depends on the ambient temperature.  We tend not to ride when the temperature is below 10 deg C as this can be uncomfortable for both the driver and the pillion.  We ride on weekdays and some weekends. We do not ride on Bank Holidays.

I'm interested in booking one of your Experiences & and I'd like to find out more, what do I do next?

Just contact us with any questions you might have or call us on 01420 571468 when a human will endeavour to answer your call and we will answer any questions you may have about any of our Experiences.

How do I pay for an Experience?

We accept payment by Credit or Debit Card (over the 'phone) or bank transfer. Please contact us to confirm your reservation and to ask any additional questions you may have.  For payment of your Experience by bank transfer we will email you with our bank details.  For card payment please call us on 01420 571468.  Once payment has been received we will then email your Experience voucher to you.

How do I book an Experience?

Once you have you have paid for and received your Experience voucher and/or booking confirmation email just call us on 01420 571468 with your preferred dates and we will allocate a slot for your ride.  Your chosen date and time will then be confirmed by email. Rides are generally held in the afternoons from 2pm.  Please remember that we do get booked up from about March onwards for the busy riding season from April through to September so please have a few dates available for your Experience so as to avoid disappointment.

Where do your Experiences start from?

All our Experiences start and end from our address; 26 Telegraph Lane, Four Marks, Alton, Hampshire GU34 5AX.

Can I get to you using public transport?

Yes you can.  The nearest rail station is Alton and a regular bus service (Stagecoach no. 64 Winchester - Alton) has stops along the A31.  The nearest bus stop to us is called 'The Shrave' and is about a 20 minute journey from Alton station.  The bus stop is no more than a 5-minute walk away from us.  There is also a taxi service based at Alton station.

Will we stop for a comfort break and/or refreshments anywhere on my Experience?

Yes - all Experiences will include one or more refreshment and/or comfort breaks (depending on the overall Experience duration) at a cafe or a roadside location where you will be able to purchase a snack and/or a hot or cold drink.

We'd like to stay overnight somewhere local. Can you recommend anywhere?

There are some excellent B&B's near us.  Just go to our contact us page to find out more.

What are the age, weight & height criteria for your Experiences?

Pillions must be at least 18yrs of age, weigh less than 16.5 stones (105kg) and have a height greater than 4ft 11" (150cm).

What do I need to wear for my Experience?

You must wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for the weather conditions.  We supply a riding jacket, helmet and gloves.  Shorts and/or sandals are not allowed and footwear must cover your feet and toes and, ideally, your ankles.

What if the forecast is for rain on the day of my Experience?

We continually check the forecast as we do not ride in the rain or if it is forecast to rain.  If it looks like rain for the time of your Experience then please contact us at least 24hours before your Experience and we will confirm or otherwise.  If your ride is cancelled then we will always look to book another date.

What if it starts to rain whilst I'm on my Experience?

We do not supply waterproofs. Should we get caught out on the ride, you might want to consider bringing a waterproof jacket that can then be folded up and stored in a pannier on the bike.

I'm bringing my family on the day - is there anywhere they can go whilst I'm on my Experience?

We are located just on the edge of the The South Downs and there are lots of lovely walks nearby.  If refreshments are required then the Garhowen Garden Centre Tree House Cafe is 10 minutes walk from us.  We are also 2 miles away from Chawton Village, which has the Jane Austen Museum and Cassandra's Cup tea room opposite.  In the same village, Chawton House is a great place to visit with its lovely garden and walks.  The Watercress Steam Railway and it's main station at Alresford is just a few miles away also.

Do I need to bring anything with me on the day?

Our bikes have panniers, which can carry small items (water, phone, purse etc) that you might want to have with you for the ride.  Don't forget we will stop at a cafe for a break and some refreshments, so you will need a small amount of money if you want to buy a drink/snack etc.

Will I be able to take any photograps of my Experience?

For safety reasons, whilst riding, you will not be able to take photographs. All our Experiences have at least one stop where we will be able to take photographs of you on our bike.

Can my Experience be videoed?

As a separate, costed option we are able to offer a helmet-mounted high definition video of your ride.  This will consisit of a series of video clips of your ride, which your driver will take as you ride along the route.  At the stop(s) along the route he will also take a video of you, capturing your thoughts and impressions of the ride.  At the end of the ride he will also be able to record you with your friends or family if required.  The Ride Video Facility costs £60 and more information about it can be provided on request.

What Covid-19 precautions do you take to protect riders?

All of our bike(s) surfaces are thoroughly sanitised prior to an experience taking place.  Hand sanitiser is also available at our location.  All rider clothing and helmet is spray sanitised and will not be used between rides for at least 72-hours.  We do ask that all riders bring their own, motorcycle appropriate, mouth and nose covering such as a Snood or Buff.  Scarves are considered unsafe and are therfore not appropriate for motorcycle riding.

How much does an Experience cost?

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